‚ÄúPassion for wood, that is my motto. These artworks are the true blend between my wood craft and my passion for rugby.‚ÄĚ

           Pierre LACAZE, local boy from France southwestern, decided to lay down his hat in Brittany. It was time to put into practice the know-how he learned during  his seven years travelling across the different regions of France.

All these balls are designed and manufactured according to your wishes and projects. The creations range from the the decorative ball, to the trophy and include derivatives. Pierre Lacaze selects with care, the most adapted woods, taking into account of their characteristics and your needs. In oak, ash or beech, …., engraved or not, dyed or natural, all these balls are hand signed before being finished with a 3 layers matt varnish.

          I let you now travel through my website, to see some of my creations and i invite you to see them in my partner’s stores.